Brabender Technologie – Bulk solids feeding, weighing, discharging, flow metering

Machinery and systems for the bulk ingredient processing industries

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Brabender Technologie supplies bulk solids feeding, weighing, discharging and flow metering equipment including gravimetric metering feeders (loss-in-weight feeders, weigh-belt feeders), volumetric metering feeders (single screw feeders, twin screw feeders), weigh-batching equipment, discharge aids (silo and bin dischargers, bulk bag unloaders, bag dump hoppers) and bulk solids mass flow meters. Machinery and systems from Brabender Technologie are found in all bulk ingredient processing industries world-wide, so – for instance – in plastics compounding and extrusion and in the chemical, detergent, food, pet food, sugar, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, adhesives, rubber, glass, ceramics and roof tile industries. Brabender has a global network of subsidiaries and service locations.